Candle-Lover's Guide: Keep the Glow Going Strong!

Candle-Lover's Guide: Keep the Glow Going Strong!

Hello, candle enthusiasts, we're about to share some serious wisdom on the fine art of candle-burning. Because who wants to see their favourite scents vanish into thin air after just a few burns? Not us, and definitely not you! Stick with us, follow these pro-tips, and you'll be making your luxury candles last longer so you can fill your home with the best scent. 

Set the Mood with the First Burn: Picture this: you've just unwrapped a fresh, luxurious candle, and you're eager to ignite the magic. Hold on, though! The first time you light it, you've got to let it burn for more than an hour. Your mission? Let the wax melt across the entire surface, creating a glorious pool of fragrance. The rule of thumb? About 3 hours for most sizes. If you skimp on this step and go for a quick burn, your candle will never reach its full potential, wasting all that wax on the sidelines. Let it shine!

Wick Trimming Time: Keeping that wick in check is key to keeping the flame bright and smoke-free. Long wicks mean blackened candle jars and a smoky show. A wick should be trimmed to about 0.25 inches or 6 millimeters. Snip it, and let that candle glow like the star it is.

Chill Before You Move: Never rush a candle's cooldown. You've got to let it cool completely. Trying to trim that wick or relocating a candle before it's chilled out can mess with its mojo and is risky business. It typically takes around 2 hours for a candle to cool down completely, so keep your cool too!

Declutter the Wax Pool: Before you light up again, give that wax pool some love. Wait for the candle to cool, and then skim off any soot or burnt bits floating around. A cotton pad or a small tissue does the trick. And if your candle came with a lid, use it! Keeping dust at bay is the name of the game.

Keep It Draft-Free: Here's a pro tip – don't let your candle cozy up near an open window or a fan. Why? Too much air or a pesky draft can make your candle burn unevenly and put in overtime. That means it'll melt away faster and produce more smoke, leaving behind those nasty black stains we're not fans of.

So there you have it, the art of candle-burning, simplified with a dash of playfulness. Your bougie candles deserve to shine bright and keep your spaces smelling heavenly. Now go forth, light up, and make those fragrances last longer than ever! 🔥✨

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