Interior Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

Interior Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

Today, we delve into the world of coffee tables – those versatile centrepieces that effortlessly blend fashion with functionality. Just like our refined furniture pieces, your coffee table has the potential to become a tasteful canvas where both form and function coexist.

Let’s call upon our style connoisseur, Debbie Glover, to unlock the secrets of transforming your coffee table into a work of art.
Here are the exclusive style tips for your journey:
Add some height: Think of decorating your table in 3D. Use things like tall vases with branches or big candle holders to make it visually interesting. If your table is big enough, you can even add smaller tables for a cool look.

Mix up textures: Just like with clothing, different textures make your table look great. Use things like wooden beads in a shiny bowl or a woven tray with books. Mixing materials like wood, glass, metal, and more makes it interesting.

Balance shapes: Your table should match the style of your room. For example, if your table is square, use decor with different shapes. If it's rectangular, use items with angles to keep the room looking interesting.

Stick to a color scheme: Use a consistent colour palette for a cohesive look. Choose candles, vases, and books that match your colour scheme. And keep the metal finishes the same for an elegant touch.

Be bold with accents: If your room has a vibrant style, feel free to use colourful flowers, eye-catching books, and unique vases on your table for a pop of style.

Be practical: If your home is busy with kids and pets, make sure your decor can handle it. Use fake plants, sturdy vases, and LED candles that look good but are also functional.

Make it useful: Your table should look great, but don't forget about its purpose. If there's no space for a coffee cup, add trays or boxes to keep things like remotes and snacks organised.

Change with the seasons: Just like you change your wardrobe, update your coffee table decor with the seasons. Use dried flowers in the fall and fresh scents in the winter to match the time of year.

Curate the display: If you have a multi-level table, treat it like an art gallery. Mix colours, heights, and shapes on different sides for a clean and artistic look.

    When styling your coffee table, consider a variety of decorative elements such as fresh flowers, coffee table books, candles, trays, sculptures, decorative bowls, coasters, greenery, mirrors, art prints, geometric decor, seasonal items, photo frames, and vintage pieces. These items can add character, colour, and style to your table, and it's essential to maintain a balance that complements your overall decor and personal taste.

    So, there you go – follow these tips to make your coffee table the centrepiece of your living room, and your home will look sophisticated and charming.

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